About BMS


BMS is a team of professionals who provide counselling and wellness training services to a wide range of clients with their unique needs.

We offer professional counselling & wellness training services to individuals as well as to companies, namely small-medium sized ones with expanding personnel aspiring for growth.

BMS stands for Body, Mind & Spirit, whereas the connection of these 3 elements is often viewed as the optimal integration of mental, emotional & behavioral abilities constituting wellness. The body, mind & spirit connection emphasizes the need for creating balance, wholeness and coherence in our lives that help enhance our resilience.

At BMS, our mission is to enable individuals to be in touch with the deepest and core part of their selves and enhance their capacities for self-awareness, autonomy and inner need fulfillment. Meanwhile, we would also like to extend this value to enable companies in enhancing the well-being of their employees for pursuit of a happy and healthy work/personal life.

Philosophy/ Approaches

We are adopting client-oriented approach to develop customized treatment plan for each of our clients to deal with their emotional/psychological issues.

With a solid foundation based on major contemporary psychological theories, we conduct various kinds of counselling or psychotherapies including Emotion Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy ,Cognitive Behavioral Treatment or integrative models that best serve our clients’ needs.

Most important of all, we believe that therapeutic presence is the fundamental factor in provision for effective counselling. Companionship is better than thousands of words whilst walking alongside is the best sharing. Engaging our clients with genuine empathy & acceptance helps establish the “connection” allowing us not only to access their inner emotions but also help them get in touch with their own capacity for self-healing.

Our Therapists

BMS has a team of professionals who provide counselling / psychotherapy services to a wide range of clients with their unique needs. At BMS, our therapists are either Therapists, Counselling/Clinical Psychologists and/or Clinical Social Workers with numerous years of counselling experience and reputable academic qualifications from Hong Kong and overseas institutions. They are males and females with English, Mandarin, Cantonese, language skills; their qualifications and expertise are in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Art and Play Therapy with focus on depression, anxiety, grief, anger management, family/marital and interpersonal relationship issues. Each client has his/her own uniqueness. Our therapists will adopt their style of therapy according to the client's needs.

While many of our therapist come from rich and diverse backgrounds in banking, business, human resources management, training, consulting, law, etc., their professional experiences coupled with the academic and recognized experiences in counselling will constitute uniquely empathetic presence in accompanying our clients to process their work and personal lives issues.