Advanced Training for Hotline Workers at Joyful Mental Health Foundation

We are honored to be invited by Joyful Mental Health Foundation to conduct an advanced training workshop for their in-house hotline workers, enabling them with necessary skills & techniques in handling complex incoming calls for emotional support.

Special Launch of Jumpstart Corporate Wellness Program - BMS Wellness Lane

In today’s fast-paced demanding world, employees whether working in large or small-medium sized enterprises, are inevitably suffering from stresses at varying levels triggered by personal, family or work lives issues, which in turn hamper their productivity and efficiency at workplace. Employee wellness is undoubtedly crucial for enterprises not only to survive but also to thrive with sustainable development.

Given the recent accelerating adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as strategic initiative in the local business community, it is widely recognized that building a positive caring culture with professional assistance to employees will definitely help foster the overall morale & well-being of employees and the organizations at large. Nevertheless, it always poses key challenge for local SMEs to implement such practices due to their limited financial, time & human resources.

To facilitate SMEs in engaging this initiative with minimal investment, BMS Counselling & Training Services is delighted to launch an Employee Wellness Jumpstart Program, namely BMS Wellness Lane, which offers various annual service packages consisting of a mix of wellness training courses, individual work/life coaching and professional counseling service for employees and their immediate family members. We strive to collaborate closely with our corporate clients in building a positive environment enabling employees’ resilience & enhancing their wellness in Body, Mind & Spirits.

For enquiries about the details of this program, please contact us at or simply call us at 3958 2890

Art Jamming Workshop

An art jamming workshop was conducted to one of our corporate clients, with the objective of facilitating fun & relaxed mood amongst the participating family members during the Summer Holiday. In the sharing session, it’s inspiring for the parents to learn more about the inner emotions of their kids via their spontaneous drawings.

Emotion Management Seminar

We are delighted and honored to be invited by Polytechnic University CEEAA, the Alumni Association of Civil Engineering Department, to deliver a CPD seminar about emotion management to their graduate engineers from government, consultants & contractors. Fundamental concepts of emotional health, major diagnostic symptoms of common mood & anxiety disorders & self-help stress management tips were discussed. Mindfulness-based exercises were briefly practiced to let the audience experience how to connect their body, mind & spirit for enhancing emotional well-being.

Our Participation in School Seminars & Workshops

In addition to providing psycho-education on emotional health to working adults, we have also been participating actively in various school events, enabling teachers, students & their parents emotion management skills to cope with the daily stresses posed by the study & exam pressures.

Art Jamming
畫出小心靈, 連繋愛.家庭


手繪的屋.樹.人.圖畫, 也讓我們在不知不覺間, 把潛意識投射出來 !

你願意和孩子一起經歷一個自由寫意,隨心創作之繪畫旅程嗎?你有興趣探索和瞭解多一些他們的內心世界, 以增強彼此之間的情感連結?

活動日期:November 14 2015 (Sat)
時間:3:00 – 5:00pm
適合對象:年齡三歲或以上兒童或青年人, 與父母或親人組成一個家庭單位
收費:*$600 (每個家庭單位)
* 包括畫布,繪畫材料,畫框及下午茶輕便小食
* 活動後, 家長可選擇約見或聯絡導師以取得更詳盡分析
有意報名或查詢活動之詳細資料, please call 3958 2890 or email to

Who are we ?

BMS Counselling & Training Services Company Limited offers professional counselling & wellness training services to wide range of clients with their unique needs. Our mission is to enable individuals to be in touch with the deepest and core part of their selves and enhance their capacities for self-awareness, autonomy and inner need fulfillment. Meanwhile, we would also like to extend this value to enable companies in enhancing the well-being of their employees for pursuit of a happy and healthy work/personal life.


Individual Counselling

Includes family/interpersonal relationship issues, career & life coaching, grief/bereavement & trauma treatment.

Couple & Family Counselling

Pre-marital, couple therapy, family therapy, parenting guidance

Corporate Wellness Program & Training

Workshop on Mindfulness for Stress Reduction